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Theta States 2017 Movie Subtitles are now available for free download. Directly Download the Subtitles or SRT File from the provided links. | Download Theta States 2017 Movie Subtitles Now | Theta States Subtitles | Theta States 2017 SRT File



Title Theta States
Year 2017
Released On 13 Jan 2017
Runtime N/A
Genre Horror
Directed By Manny Serrano
Written By Manny Serrano
Starring Tom Ryan, Erin Brown, Kathryn Lill, Tom Coll

Theta States 2017 Movie Plot:

Danny is a long-term insomniac. He comes across an ad for the Audible Lucid Perceptions sleep clinic, run by the peculiar Dr. Zovnig, and goes in for a consultation. The doctor gives him a small audio device, which generates brain-frequency-altering audio waves, intended to hypnotize Danny into a dream state. Upon the first treatment, Danny is cured and is now sleeping better than he ever has in his life. Danny starts to realize that although he may be able to sleep again, there could be something wrong. Nightmares haunt his sleep, with recurring hallucinations and blackouts while he’s awake. Is it all a side effect of the treatment, or is there some evil force at work, affecting Danny’s every move?


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6- Theta States English SRT File Download

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